Decision Making

4 Skills for Documents & Decision Making

Caregiving for someone else comes with challenges. Sometimes it can feel like there’s too much to learn. Trualta makes it easier by focusing on core skills across different situations.

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You’ll see these four skills repeated throughout the toolkit with tips and strategies.

Start Important Conversations

  • Start conversations when your care recipient is feeling relaxed and in a quiet room.
  • Provide simple explanations instead of legal jargon

Support Your Care Recipient to Make Decisions

  • Give your care recipient extra time to talk about their decision and ask questions.
  • Help them make a pros and cons list, including possible outcomes of the decision.

Connect with Local Resources

  • Your area Agency on Aging can help you navigate the specifics of your state and county requirements. Documents are different in each state.
  • An elder law attorney or legal clinic can help you complete and sign documents.

Share Updates with Your Care Team

  • Give a copy of healthcare POA to your care recipient’s doctor.
  • Give a copy of financial POA to your care recipient’s bank and financial institutions.
  • Keep the originals in a safe and accessible place at home.
  • Share important documents with family or friends that you trust.

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