Powerful Tools for Caregivers

Research studies find high rates of depression and anxiety among caregivers and increased vulnerability to health problems. Caregivers frequently cite restriction of personal activities and social life as problems.  In addition, caregivers often feel a lack of control over events and a sense of powerlessness which can have a significant negative impact on their physical and emotional health.

During the six 2 ½ hour classes, caregivers will develop self-care tools to:

  • Help reduce stress
  • Communicate effectively with other family members, doctors and paid help
  • Take care of themselves
  • Reduce guilt, anger, and depression
  • Help relax
  • Make tough decisions
  • Set goals and problem-solve
  • Increase confidence in coping with caregiving demands

Each class participant will receive a book to accompany the class content. This book contains chapters covering topics such as:

  • Hiring in-home help
  • Helping memory-impaired elders
  • Making legal and financial decisions
  • Making decisions about care facility placement
  • Understanding depression
  • Making decisions about driving

 After taking this class I am a more confident caregiver!  Having tools to resolve problems is a definite advantage in becoming a better caregiver and a happier, wiser, healthier me… and a healthier “us”!  Peggy, Caregiver (Mother has Alzheimer’s disease)

About the time the class began, I was about at my wits end.  The communication tools will work toward maintaining a better atmosphere and contribute to improved attitudes for both of us… it will never be easy, but it is easier than it was 6 weeks ago!  Anonymous Caregiver

PTC training is now available in the Upper Peninsula, brought to you by the Upper Peninsula Area Agency on Aging/UPCAP.  There is no charge to participants for the six-week, 1 ½ hours per week training or materials provided. If you are interested in participating in this program please contact 1-800-305-8137, dial 2-1-1


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