Aging & Disability Resource Collaborative (ADRC)

UPCAP and the Superior Alliance for Independent Living (SAIL) have joined forces in the Upper Peninsula to create a strong ADRC. ADRC programs strive to empower individuals to make informed choices and to streamline access to long-term care supports. Long-term care support includes a variety of in-home, community-based, and institutional services and programs.

Aging individuals and those with disabilities have many of the same long-term care needs. UPCAP and SAIL staff members cross-train and learn about each other’s programs and services. This enables them to collaborate and coordinate based on the needs and desires of each individual that comes to them for long term care assistance.

UPCAP and SAIL staff continue to learn about and develop relationships with other long term care service providers such as: the Department of Human Services, hospitals and physicians, nursing facilities, adult foster care/homes for the aged, and in-home care providers.


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906-786-4701 or Dial 2-1-1

Rotary Phones: 1-800-305-8137 (toll-free)

Alternate Numbers & Out of the Area: 1-800-338-1119

Physical Address: 2501 14th Avenue South

Mailing Address: PO Box 606

Escanaba, Michigan 49829



Call SAIL at 1-800-379-7245 or visit the SAIL website for more information on their programs and services.

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